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Cubbies Giving Back – Operation Orphan

A famous writer once said, ‘The best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer someone else up.’ We believe in this same philosophy here at Cubbies and we wanted to share the gift of a Cubby to hundreds of children around the world. A Cubby can be a child’s lifelong, comforting companion or can be a loving dedication to the memory of a lost loved one. So, we think that it is incredibly important to reach out, give back and be there to support those in need and those going through traumatic times. For this reason, I wanted to share with you some of the worthwhile projects Cubbies are involved with.

Operation Orphan
We are honoured for our recent involvement with Operation Orphan. They are a renowned charitable organisation who work to improve the lives of orphans and vulnerable children in a holistic, culturally relevant and sustainable way. You can find out some more information about this amazing charity by visiting the Operation Orphan website.

So far, we have donated over 2,000 Cubbies teddies which will be distributed to children in need all over the world. Some will be distributed in Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom, and some are currently jetting it to Sierra Leone, Africa. There are many other destinations which include Barbuda (Caribbean), which was recently affected by the horrible Hurricane Irma, and various other countries in Eastern Europe.

Updates of their whereabouts can be found on the Operation Orphan or Cubbies Facebook pages. This is a truly wonderful cause and we are so excited for these Cubbies to put some smiles on children’s faces!

We had an idea that we wanted to share with the world and we turned that idea into a Cubby that, today, many people know and love. We called it the Guardian Angel Bear because no matter how tough things were or how upset people felt, there was always a Cubby symbolic of hope and strength by people’s side to help comfort them in their struggles. It’s for this reason that we created the Cubbies Giving Back program where all our Guardian Bears are donated, sold non-for-profit or contributed towards charity.

We have given away all 1500 of our Guardian Bears since January, eighty six of which were fully funded to become personalised teddy bears especially for those who had lost a loved one. We have been working really hard to ever since to fund a similar venture again due to the overwhelming response we received. Last month we raised $816.50 in just one day! This money has been saved and will be used to restart the program in the fall.

The Guardian Bears will be returning very soon as part of another Cubbies Giving Back program.

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